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Understaffed and under-resourced? Don't know where to begin with word-of-mouth marketing?

One automated platform to easily get you started, no experience necessary

desktop UI

Pairing and recommendations to your most suitable community creators

The largest database of creators in Taiwan

Influenxio has a database of over 10000 Instagram accounts in Taiwan, each with 1000 to 10000 followers

Exclusive data analysis

Apart from follower count and interaction rate, we provide Influexio-exclusive data on creator category, activity areas, age intervals, successful collaboration frequency, additional business evaluation...never again attempt to blindly take on word-of-mouth collaboration!

Instagram account interaction rate = (average post likes + comments) / number of followers. Using this calculation, you can establish the degree of account activity, ensuring that collaborative posts reach genuine or potential followers.

Accurate matching and recommendation

According to your settings, our system automatically leverages the creator database to recommend you the most suitable candidates to collaborate with.

Simple operation, suitable for anyone

5 built-in recuitment post templates

Word-of-mouth marketing begins with introducing your product and services! Our platform includes 5 built-in post templates, regardless of whether you're a restaurant or product delivery service, there's a suitable selection for your business. Easily create recruiting posts without possessing exceptional copywriting skills, enabling more creators to find out about you and start collaborating

Recommended creator list

According to your settings, automatically pair with the creator database to recommend the best candidate for collaboration, easily find creators who are suitable with your brand.

Messaging functionality, convenient communication

Communicate with creators, no more need for email or LINE groups. Our platform incorporates messaging functionality, apart from email reminders, you can setup LINE notifications for seamless comunication and collaboration.

Content review

Built-in content review functionality for more convenient communication with creators. Post contents are published on creator's Instagram accounts only after passing your confirmation.

mobile UI

Let us accompany you on your path of growth!

A team of experts, online assistance

The biggest fear of using an online platform is data loss. Influenxio has set up a team of experts to fully resolve your problems and queries, additionally Influenxico's online customer service provides round-the-clock assistance.

Exclusive marketing knowledge sharing

Influenxio provides members with exclusive, intermittent knowledge sharing and offline lectures for you to continuously enhance your marketing capabilities. Let us accompany you on your path of growth!

Guaranteed payment

We leverage a professional online payment platform, you only need to focus on managing your word of mouth marketing, be rest assured that we can take care of the complexities of online payment.

Small to large scale businesses are all confident in Influenxio's marketing platform


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