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Why Instagram?

Because Instagram is the most fast-growing social media platform. Its monthly active users has exceeded one billion people. And it is a "young" social media platform that more than 70% users are under the age of 35.

Why micro-influencer?

Because micro-influencers are more active and engaged. According to HelloSociety, Instagramers with less than 10,000 followers, their engagement rates are 60% higher than the average. Also, they have more trust-worthy image comparing to other top influencers.

Why Influenxio?

Because we have a self-serve influencer marketing platform that connects you with thousands of amazing creators. Unlike those influencer agencies, you can have creators submit photos and videos celebrating your brand at greater speed and lower cost. An ultimate one-stop influencer marketing solution built for you.

How much does it cost?

We don't have a fixed-price package, instead, the spending is up to you! After you paid NT$1,000 matching fee (that you can use for influencers' content creation fee later), we'll send invite to the chosen influencers and more who match with your criteria. Those influencers will apply and propose prices when they are interested in your posting. All you have to do is to decide who you want to work with from the applied list. That's why you can have more flexibility to manage your budget.

When to pay the influencers?

Influencers will post the content on their Instagram first, and paste the post link to Influenxio for your review. And we'll pay the influencers once you approve their contents.

Can I see the contents before influencers post on Instagram?

The process on Influenxio is "Review first, post later". The contracted Influencers will create contents based on your posting details and let you review first. Once you have confirmed their content, influencers will proceed to upload their content on Instagram and submit their Instagram link to our platform. Once there is link posted on our website, we'll notify you. It's recommended to contact the influencers directly and go through the details via our built-in messenger before they post. For more details regarding our review process please check out our Medium ( (Postings created before 2020/8/25 won't have this feature.)

Any guidelines on the created contents?

The contents must be newly-created and will be kept at the top of feed on their Instagram account for 5 hrs and live for at least 30 days.

Any legal regulations on the created contents?

Influencer's contents must be legal and if there's any dispute, Influenxio Limited. reserves all rights.

How can I use the contents?

Influencers participate in marketing activities have already agreed to authorize you right to the use of marketing contents, marketing contents provided by influencers shall last at least 30 days before being removed or hidden, during the period of marketing content being public, within the scope of your business, you may execute marketing contents that influencers have authorized to you.

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