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Basic pre-paid plan

Low-entry marketing campaign, continue to shape your brand's reputation
Suitable for large scale enterprises
Suitable for small to medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs
Word of mouth marketing experience
First timers to word of mouth marketing
NT$ 63,000
No usage limitations
Content creator list
Matching and recommendation platform Freely select and recruit from an expansive list of content creators
Number of collaborations
約 20 位 合作費用由創作者自行報價,儲值金額可全額折抵合作費。(依合作內容不同報價有所不同,每則合作 NT$ 683 起)
Social media content
Instagram 圖文或其他, 享一年全平台使用授權
Content creator's total follower count
Around 10,000
Display tax inclusive prices

Enterprise Plan

Suitable for large scale enterprises
Suitable for larger brands and enterprises
Word of mouth marketing experience
Agencies or marketing professionals
Start at NT$ 150,000
網紅行銷規劃 網紅人選配置 創作內容把關 數據分析和優化建議 完整客製化代操服務
Content creator's follower count
No Limit
Display tax inclusive prices

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