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Creator Process

1. Search Influencers

Sign up for free and access thousands of influencers on Instagram in our database. You can key in the keywords and location to see more specific list.

2. Invite Influencers

Add influencers into your invite list when browsing the influencer database. Despite those who are added in the list by you, we will invite more influencers that match your criteria automatically via our lookalike technology. (If you don't want to spend time browsing the database, you can also skip this step, and jump to step 3 directly.)

3. Create Posting

Create posting to help influencers understand your brand and product. When influencers get invited, they will read the posting details and decide whether to apply or not. Have no idea about how to create an attractive posting details? Don't worry, just follow the steps on our site, and create one in 10 minutes.

4. Deposit Matching Fee

Just deposit NT$1,000 matching fee and we'll send invite immediately to the chosen ones and more influencers who match with your criteria. Don't worry, you can use the matching fee for influencers' content creation later.

5. Select Influencers You Want to Work With

The invited influencers will apply and propose prices when they are interested in your posting. All you have to do is to decide who you want to work with from the applied list.

6. Final Payment

Decide which influencers you want to work with from the applied influencer list, and pay the rest amount. (will deduct NT$1,000 matching fee)

7. Review Contents

a. Once the influencer submit their work, you can review it on our platform. b. If there are any changes required, leave a comment and our system will let the influencer know that changes are required. c. If you like their work, we will notify the influencer that their work can be uploaded to Instagram. Once they have uploaded their work, our system requires influencers to submit their Instagram URL for you to view. d. You can check the post performance under the [Completed] Tab. For a more detailed walkthrough of our review system, please check out our Medium (

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