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Lisa 里薩🌹

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shiny 🍀 健身女孩👧🏻

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Satani 塔妮ちゃん

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HAN食計-台北 台中 美食·景點·日常

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依琳 · 完食😋抽獎中台北 基隆 桃園 台中美食🇹🇼

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The most effective Instagram influencer marketing platform

Influenxio is an effortless self-serve platform that enables you to find micro-influencers efficiently and effectively. Studies have shown that 92% of consumers would buy products that influencers recommended on Instagram. We help you get in touch with both influencers and consumers.

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Using Influencers to promote branch opening

Zhen Fang wanted to promote a new opening of their store in Taipei. Having had limited success with digital ads, they wanted to test the waters with Instagram influencers.

Zhen Fang's opening was a great success and in the same month they saw a 50% increase in sales compared to other stores.


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明叡 詹


Using Influencers to promote new service

KKBOX wanted to promote their new music and video streaming platform KKBOX Prime with a large amount of micro-influencers within a short period.

In less than a week, more than 130 influencer expressed their interest to promote KKBOX Prime on Influenxio. The average engagement rate of their posts was 11%. In comparison, the engagement rate of celebrity influencer was at 2% during the same period.

During the promotion weeks, their website saw traffic increase of 15%. KKBOX was very satisfied with the result.


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Shumeiii•H 🇹🇼


Working with Instagram Influencers to target younger generation

A brand new product line was introduced, Akimia wanted to penetrate into competitive skincare market. Instead of conventional method, they decided to try influencer marketing on Instagram for customer acquisition.

The first promotion was impressive, their product went out of stock a week after campaign. A complete influencer marketing strategy is completely ready for the next 6 months.


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